Key Staff

Key Staff at Bishop Warden Limited

Matthew Blomfield – Founder and Director

Matthew Blomfield is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in establishing and building businesses across a number of different sectors and industries, from fast food to advertising; from infrastructure to construction.


He has found himself on both sides of the ‘debt ledger’ and, as a consequence, has an intimate understanding of business processes and systems. He established Bishop Warden after experiencing first-hand the impact of bad debts on company performance and survival.


John Enright – General Manager

John is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience as a Finance Manager with small and medium-sized businesses, both family-owned and multi-national companies.


In these various positions, he has had direct experience of the effect that bad debts can wreak on a company, the stresses that such debts can have on cashflow and on the staff that have to try and work their way through the debt collection process.


Innovative debt solutions for New Zealand businesses dealing with bad debt.

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